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Injection molding equipment, like molders, sometimes needs a little help. For several years IPS™ has been manufacturing auxiliary equipment to help molders capitalize on their machine time by capturing every part made. Using patent technology, IPS™ Moldshields prevent parts from falling outside the drop zone, while the uniquely designed Mold Chutes ensure that discharged parts are collected onto conveyors or into boxes without costly losses.


Used by manufacturers all over the world, IPS products have built an enviable reputation for quality, reliability and customer loyalty.


IPS™ was founded by its President James Johnson in 1997. James had a long and productive career in the plastic molding industry working for several companies including Owens-Illinois.


In 1997 James relocated to Israel, where he founded IPS™. The first product that IPS™ produced was its distinctive Moldshield. Designed to maintain parts within the drop zone, the IPS™ Moldshield became an instant hit with companies that were focused on reducing rejects and subsequently increasing their bottom line. Moldshields™ are protected by U.S. Patent # 4,848,437.


Based on the success of the Moldshield, IPS™ went on to design Mold Chutes and Skirts, which complement Moldshields™ The next natural progression was to add Tie Bar Covers and finally Drum and Gaylord, including Octagon, Hexagonal and Rectangular versions of material covers.


IPS™ distributes its products worldwide through its sister company Foundation Marketing Group which is based in the USA. Distributors are located throughout the world including South America, Europe and the Pacific Rim.


Other products in the IPS™ family:

bulletTie-Bar covers
bulletDrum Covers

bulletGaylord covers


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